Misao Hatozaki  

Misao Hatozaki- A flute performer who excites all the senses with her enchanting stream of music.

Photo Hitoshi Imai
Lithuania Kintai music Festival appearance information
Misao Hatozaki Flute concert in kintai church
July 4, 2015
Japanese folk song
sakura sakura
Evening primrose
Month of the wake
Medley of the nursing song
The spring sea



Choices ? some by accident, some fated
How we live those choices we make
One after another, threading our lives
This moment is a result of a long history of human encounters since time immemorial
Our decisions and how we live this moment creates the future
Small changes every day creating a significant, certain flow of life
Surrounded by many things, we keep thinking, hoping and living
Walking towards our bright future
((From the tenth album in the Shikisai-shu series, Kagayaku Mirai-e
(For a Bright Future))


  photo Hitoshi Imai

Traditional Japanese lullaby medley^Flutist Misao Hatozaki

"PRIDE" Japanese song / Flute Misao Hatozaki

(c) Misao Hatozaki